The tragic incident occurred at the Kashira highway. The driver of the car “Subaru” hit a public transport stop.

According to “Russian conversation” according to preliminary information, the cause of the incident, an accident that the driver for yet unknown reasons lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a public transport stop, which at the time were people.

The vehicle impact was so strong that the pedestrian, who was standing in that ill-fated moment at the bus stop didn’t stand a chance to survive. From the received wounds he died on the spot.

When the place of the fatal accident, law enforcement officers left, then found that the driver of the Subaru was a member of PPSP OMVD of Russia on area Yasenevo in Moscow.

At the time of the accident he was not on duty and was on his own car and in civilian clothes. He received injuries of varying severity and were hospitalized to the nearest hospital . Law enforcement officers in the incident of fatal accidents are checking.