Hayao Miyazaki

© AP Photo/Matt Sayles

MOSCOW, September 27. /TASS/. The state gallery on Solyanka is preparing the first in Russia exhibition devoted to the work of animator Hayao Miyazaki and an exhibition of contemporary Japanese media art. TASS said the curator of the gallery Margarita Osepyan.

“The exhibition “4+1. From Hayao Miyazaki to contemporary Japanese artists” unite sketches and cartoon Director with the works of contemporary artists from Japan”, – said Osipyan. She explained that the main theme of the exhibition – the relationship of man with nature.

“All the gallery space will be divided into four zones, symbolizing water, air, earth and fire. A fifth key element in Japanese philosophy, reflected also in cartoons Miyazaki, emptiness,” said Osipyan. Exactly how this element is represented in the exhibition, she said.

“The exhibition “4+1. From Hayao Miyazaki to contemporary Japanese artists” will be opened in anticipation of the year of Japan in Russia 15 December 2017 and will last until February 18, 2018.

Hayao Miyazaki

The first Director of animated film, award of the Japanese Academy for best film of the year (“Princess Mononoke”, 1997). His film “spirited away” (2001) is one of the most iconic films of his era, he was honored with awards such as the prize of the Japanese Academy awards, the Golden bear of the Berlin film festival in 2002, an Oscar in 2003.

The main promoter of Miyazaki in the West, one of the founders of Pixar, John Lasseter calls it “one of the greatest filmmakers of our time.” He believes that in the animation the figure Miyazaki is even more important than Walt Disney. And Akira Kurosawa turned on the movie “My neighbor Totoro” in its list of the hundred most beloved films, explaining that “all the talent left the industry in anime”.