PYATIGORSK, may 8. /TASS/. A new monument of black granite with the restored names of the 47 fallen in 1942, the red army opened in Nevinnomyssk at the memorial DOT. As reported on Tuesday the press service of the administration, to honor the memory of the heroes gathered in the great Patriotic war veterans, schoolchildren, representatives of the administration and city Council, law enforcement officers and citizens.

“We will continue to search for Nevinnomyssk fallen soldiers and to perpetuate their names. No one defender of the city was not forgotten. All of the upcoming holiday, Victory Day,” – said at the opening of the mayor Michael Minenkov, quoted by the press service.

To the new monument and laid flowers.

The monument to the war

Nevinnomysskiy monument DOT is the only “permanent firing point” of the war, preserved in the region . Barely protruding above the ground disguised reinforced concrete structure with a metal security door and entrance from the trench was constructed in 1942 by builders for protecting the pass here of the railway bridge over the Kuban. When on 5 August 1942, the Nazis came to Nevinnomyssk, the small garrison of the NKVD, commanded by Lieutenant Andrey Ruban and Junior Lieutenant Vladimir Koba, was given the task – to fight to the death, covering the retreat of the red Army. The order to retreat the soldiers and has not received and, after fierce battles, fell on the battlefield.

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The remains of the defenders of Nevinnomyssk, was found much later, during the ruins of moves defenses. To establish the identity of the victims helped officers, then the remaining alive only because a few days before the occupation, served in Mineral Water for uniforms and food. The remains moved to the village Head and buried in a mass grave.

Unique DOT was reconstructed in the period 1985-1988, and the 40 th anniversary of the great Victory appeared a five-sided stele with a commemorative plaque on which I have the names of eight victims. On the eve of the 73rd anniversary of the Victory a search operation in fifth grade city gymnasium No. 10 Cyril Slyusarenko helped to establish 39 more names of fighters who died for Nevinnomyssk. But on the initiative of businessman Igor Reu was made a new plaque, with the names of 47 soldiers.

The war in Nevinnomyssk

August 5 1942 German troops captured Nevinnomyssk. For five months they killed over 500 women, children and the elderly. In January 1943, troops of the Transcaucasian front went on the offensive, and in the night from 20 to 21 January, part of the 351-th infantry division and the 9th Army under the command of major-General Konstantin Koroteeva released Nevinnomyssk.

From the first days of the war in Nevinnomyssk was created by the military, the militia, the enterprises of the self-defense groups, established a night patrol duty on the streets, volunteers went to the front of 1,400 people. More than 4 thousand Nevinnomyssk fell on the battlefields or went missing.