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NEW YORK, July 22. House in Montclair (new Jersey), where they lived two Russians convicted in 2010 by the US authorities in espionage in favor of Russia, will be offered for sale. This was reported on Saturday the Internet-the portal NJ.com.

Sell two-storey cottage for about $700 thousand is going investor Jeremy McDonald. North N. J. House Buyers LLC, co-owner of which he is, bought a house in June for $340 thousand Before this, the estate was owned by Bank of Santander, its representatives bought a house for $440 thousand at the auction organized by the Federal bailiffs ‘ Service of the United States.

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In the United States was judged the citizens of the USSR/Russia for espionage . Dossier

McDonald told reporters that he plans to carry out the cottage repairs of approximately $200 thousand, and then sell for $700 thousand, the Investor said that he did not know about the history of the house, where until 2010 he lived in Vladimir and Lydia Guriev, known to locals as Richard and Cynthia Murphy.

They were arrested in July 2010 along with eight other individuals on charges of spying for Russia. Subsequently, they were handed over to Russia in exchange for four people convicted in Russia of treason.

“I didn’t even know that it was the home of Russian spies, noted MacDonald. – The realtor with whom I’m working on, showed me a news article published about this story”. In the opinion of the investor, the history of the cottage will have a fundamental influence on what will be interest on the market.

According to media reports, the history of Russians accused the U.S. of espionage, was the basis of the plot of the popular U.S. television series “the Americans” (The Americans). The story centers on the KGB, which during the cold war conducted intelligence activities in the United States in favor of the USSR.