The incident happened in the settlement of Pervomaisky. Militiamen said about the showdown between the two citizens with the shooting and one wounded.

According to “Russian conversation”, the police found out that two men between 55 and 56 years of the conflict occurred.

When verbal arguments of the parties in the dispute over the first of the men drew his gun and opened fire at the opponent.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors diagnosed his 4 victims of gunshot wounds of the abdomen and chest.

The man told doctors that wounded it escaped from the scene on the Nissan Qashqai.

After physicians provided information on the assailant to the police, after a few hours the car was arrested on Mozhaisk highway. In fact the incident of an attack criminal case is brought .

“Russian conversation” already wrote that in Stavropol the soldiers of Regardie arrived to subdue the brawlers, but they attacked the security forces. The guards were forced to use his gun. A few bullies with gunshot wounds then ended up in the hospital.