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© Igor Borisenko/TASS

© Igor Borisenko/TASS

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May 12, 9:29



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© Igor Borisenko/TASS

© Igor Borisenko/TASS

NEW YORK, may 13. /TASS/. “Victory songs” performed by the Russian musical group “Turetsky Choir” art-group Soprano was heard on Saturday in battery Park overlooking the Statue of Liberty. This concert was the final step in a long marathon under the international name of Unity Songs (“Songs of unity”) in different cities around the world dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Victory.


Why “Turetsky Choir” driven abroad “Victory Songs”
And why it works

“In our program – the cult song – said in an interview with TASS, the founder and artistic Director of the choir, the singer Mikhail Turetsky. Is the “Dark night”, “Three tanker”, “darkie”, “I was Traveling from Berlin”, “Katyusha” and “the may waltz” dedicated to the liberation of the peoples of Europe”. “This is a song about peace, victory, heroism and love,” he said.

On Friday, the band performed in the hall of the UN General Assembly. “It was a unique concert, – said the Turkish. – Diplomats around the world on the platform where the fate of the world community yesterday to hear the message of Russian artists of peace, love and friendship, that we must unite to save our fragile world.”

At a free concert in battery Park, overlooking the Statue of Liberty, came a few hundred new Yorkers. They met the songs with applause and sang along with the performers.

The project “Turetsky Choir”, dedicated to celebration of Victory Day was created in 2015 when the world celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of world war II. In 2018, the band has played in Paris, Ljubljana, Vienna, Berlin, on the square near the Reichstag, to the Israeli Ashdod. In addition, the team gave a concert for students in Minsk, on may 9, the Victory Day in Moscow.