According to preliminary information, the fire occurred in one of nine houses, located in the suburbs. The emergency personnel told all the details of what happened.

According to “Russian conversation” during a fire in
apartment house in the suburban Noginsk hurt people.

Emergency personnel
the region noted that the fire was successfully extinguished. At this hour you know
about five residents of the house, poisoned with burning products. According to preliminary
sources, among them three children.

“Fire on the ninth floor of nine-storey residential building And 9 in 28
Jun extinguished. Injured five people, including three children,” the
say the staff of the Ministry, commenting on the situation.

They were admitted to a nearby hospital, where they have
emergency. Emergency workers are investigating that
became the cause of the fire.

Previously, “Russian conversation” already wrote about the large-scale fire in Rostov-on-don. Then the flame was thrown from one of the balconies on the roof of high-rise buildings, and
a strong wind moved the fire to the neighboring apartment building.