The Viking ship is half a meter deep

The last time the Viking ship was dug up in Norway in the beginning of the last century. This is the fourth such finding.

Norwegian archaeologists have begun excavations on a place of detection of a Viking ship called the Ship Hellestad. Said this yesterday, the newspaper The Local.

Provided that in Norway digging up a Viking ship for the first time in the last 100 years. To extract the ship from the ground will need about five months.

According to scientists ‘ estimates, the construction Ship dates back to approximately 733 Hellestad year. The last time the Viking ship entirely dug up in Norway in the beginning of the last century. All these finds were made three.

The fourth ship was found accidentally in 2018, on the location of agricultural land with special radar. Preliminary excavations, made last year, showed that a 20-metre ship under a half-meter layer of soil quickly decays and to extract it you need as quickly as possible. Mound over the ship had previously been razed.

We will remind, in April at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea between Cyprus and Lebanon, a group of scientists from the Enigma Project Shipwrecks found 12 sunken ships filled with treasure. Ships sank around 1630.

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