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The National Union of journalists of Ukraine commented on yesterday’s arrest of the editor of the publication “Strenia” Igor Guzhva. The head of the NUJU Sergey Tomilenko on his page in Facebook said that security forces shall as expeditiously as possible to provide convincing evidence put forward by the Guzhva charges.

“A search of the media and detention of the editor-in-chief – emergency! Especially considering that “Strenia” it has high ratings and systematically allows himself to criticize senior officials. Therefore, the security forces must provide convincing evidence of the seriousness of the charges. But everything we’re talking about the fact of non-admission of advocates and a night police RAID. The editorial policy of this online publication, of course, raises many questions. But it should be discussed by journalists, experts, society. If there is a violation of the law, only then turns on the state”, – says the head of the NUJU.

According to him, the situation when the GPU “competing for likes” antipatico editorial policy of the publication, is unacceptable.

“International partners NUJU already unsettled night searches and arrests. And require, as we reasoned explanations for it such behavior of the security forces. And ask whether this situation is a manifestation of selectivity? Because only recently in Vienna at a big international conference was discussed the system of impunity in Ukraine for crimes against journalists. And we said that, for example, the burning of cars of journalists in Dnipropetrovsk region, not investigated! None of those police or prosecutors who had the time for proper investigations! And here is a night RAID with dozens of security officials,” wrote Tomilenko.

As reported, the evening of 22 June to the editor the Internet-editions “Strenia” came with a search warrant. As said the Deputy chief editor of the edition Svetlana Kryukova, the building of the business center is surrounded by the SBU. Them to 20 people.

Editor in chief “Strenia” Igor Guzhva associates searched in edition with critical publications in the address of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Linko (Radical party). According to him, the criminal case against the publication fraudulent. Later Guzhva was detained and taken to the capital Glaucus police.

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