One of the main symbols of Odessa – Potemkin stairs – available again for residents and tourists after renovation, which lasted about a year.

As the correspondent of “Interfax-Ukraine” in the framework of the reconstruction was reinforced Foundation structure, organized through the passage in the upper tunnel that was blocked and restored the lost fragments of masonry. In addition, the city authorities changed the coverage of the main landing instead of asphalt there granite.

The total cost of works on the reconstruction of Potemkin stairs totaled 22.7 mln. against the originally planned 15 million UAH.

Next to the stairs on the slopes of the Primorsky Boulevard was laid out at Istanbul Park with a total area of 2.7 ha. this work cost $ 1.5 million. funded city government of Istanbul.

Potemkin stairs was built in 1837-1841 years on the project of architect F. K. Boffo . The cost of construction in the prices of that time amounted to 1 million rubles, while in the city Treasury at that period was only 1.3 million rubles. The staircase leading from Primorsky Boulevard to the Harbor and had 200 steps. Later some of them were buried in connection with the construction of Primorskaya street. Now the staircase consists of 192 steps.

Potemkin stairs has several visual features: due to the fact that the width of its upper span is 13.4 m, and the bottom of 21.7 m, when you look at her ladder seems to be a straight line. If you look at the ladder top, the only visible site of marches, but if the bottom – the only steps. The total length of the stairs is 142 meters.

The last time the Potemkin stairs overhaul in 1933. In 2006 was developed proyektno-budget documentation, however, due to lack of funding the work is performed.