Saturday morning in Odessa there was an explosion of car of a local resident. At the moment of detonation in the car were his relatives.

About it reported in a press-service of the main Directorate of the national police of Ukraine in Odessa region, transfers “Russian conversation”.

According to local media, the owner of the car is Jean Nikolaenko, who participated in the recent elections of the mayor of Odessa in the image of the movie hero Darth Vader. The way this character was used in Ukraine during the elections. The candidate with the same name even tried to run for President of the country.

“This morning, at 8.30 explosion of an unidentified explosive device in the car 34-the summer inhabitant of Odessa, when he and his family was in the car”, – is spoken in the message.

A criminal case under article “attempt at murder” .

It is noted that the car of the inhabitant of Odessa suffered only slightly. The passengers escaped with only a fright.

Earlier it was reported that Eduard Basurin told what they did to the Colonel of the SBU in Mariupol.

It was also noted that in Zaporozhye there was an explosion at a large factory.