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News of Ukraine: In Odessa rescuers liquidated a fire in the market “Privoz”: one woman took the ambulance.

In the center of Odessa rescuers liquidated a fire in the market “Privoz”, which occurred this morning.

As reported in head Department gschs in the Odessa region, the information about the fire in the shopping arcade of the market received approximately 9.07.

At the emergency of the first car of rescuers arrived in a few minutes. As it turned out, burning two shopping pavilion with shoes and light industrial goods.

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— Sonata Shopengauera (@vll1ua) on 1 June 2018.


As noted in the Chapter, the complexity of the situation lay in the fact that the pavilions in the shopping arcade consist of wooden and plastic structures that can easily ignite . The situation was aggravated by the wind, which began to demolish the flames in other pavilions. There were a lot of people that also hampered the work of rescuers.

“Plus the narrow roadway, a lot of parked vehicles, almost impossible to drive… Here – right-of-way”, – told in the Chapter.

The scene quickly evacuated sellers and visitors of the market.

Also took the time to de-energize the halls.

About 9.40 the fire was extinguished but rescuers had to disassemble the design to identify possible hidden sources of fire.

According to preliminary data, burned two trade pavilions. An ambulance took the woman became ill.

In extinguishing the fire involved 15 vehicles and over 50 personnel, including members of the police.

The cause of the fire is specified. Because of the fire the movement of vehicles and trams on the adjacent territory was paralyzed.