Today, June 18, it became known about the cancellation of the concert of the popular rapper “Busta” in Odessa.

The performance of a famous rap artist of the Russian Federation Vasily Vakulenko has been cancelled in connection with his speech in Crimea.

The application for cancellation of the concert was released on the official website of the Odessa club “Ibiza” in the social network Facebook. It was at this club in Odessa was supposed to be a rapper.

“Basta concert will not take place. Refund of pre-purchased tickets are available at the places of purchase”, – reported in social networks representatives of the club “Ibiza”, asking apologies for any inconvenience.

Besides, the indignant fans left some comments after the announcement of the cancellation of the concert.

“And in Kiev held a concert, was not forbidden, someone wants to ruin the season of Ibiza,” wrote one user of the Network.

“It is better to ban our “rulers” to rule us!” – protested Natalia.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue,” the Ukrainian nationalists started campaigning through social networks with calls to join the disruption of the concert events of the inhabitants of Odessa, and the organizer of possible mass unrest acts as a local cell of the “Right sector” (banned in Russia as extremist organization – ed.).

We will remind, the former leader of the Odessa cell of the radical group “Right sector” (banned in Russia) Sergey Sternenko published a list of stars of the Ukrainian and Russian pop stars who are “unwanted guests” in Odessa.