The Russian actress Nonna Grishaeva
From open sources

In Odessa cancelled the play “a Warsaw melody” Russian actress Nonna Grishaeva, who illegally visited the Crimea. A message appeared on the website of the Odessa theatre.

“Due to the difficult prevailing circumstances we have to cancel the play “a Warsaw melody”, — stated in the message.

The performance was scheduled for July 21 at the Odessa theatre of the young spectator.

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We will remind, earlier representatives of “Svoboda” in Odessa stated that he had addressed the SBU with a request to respond to the plans Nonna Grishaeva to visit Ukraine since earlier she went to the Crimea violating the Ukrainian legislation .

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In response, the husband, the actress said that she is going to tour in Odessa, despite the protests of local cells of “Freedom”.

Grishaeva was born in Odessa on 21 July 1971. Known to viewers of the film “Radio Day” and “election Day” and the TV series “Daddy’s girls”.

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