The Ukrainian border guard and security forces there were no claims to the Russian tanker “Count”, came into the port of Odessa the day before and stayed more than a day due to the presence of the border guard service of the country order to pay special attention to the courts under the Russian flag.

After a thorough inspection of a merchant ship in the port of Odessa declared that have no claims to the tanker, and in the second half of the day Monday, may 1, he went to sea, according to “Russian conversation”.

As it turned out, “the Count” had not visited the ports of the Crimean Peninsula that could become the basis for detention of the vessel and the arrest of all the goods, and verification of documents and inspection of the ship revealed nothing suspicious, then the guards allowed the crew to leave the Odessa Harbor.

Now the ship is already in the Black sea and sent to the Russian port of Azov .

We will remind, the Russian tanker “the Count” was detained by border guards of Odessa on Sunday, April 30, in connection with the order to carefully track the arrival of all vessels under the Russian flag during the may holidays, when in Odessa, expect a wave of provocations, believing that their organization can stand Russia.