In Odessa in the one-storey building of the Iversky monastery was a fire, no casualties were reported, press service Gosudarstvennoi service for emergency situations.

“October 20 at 18:53 in service of rescue 101 was reported fire in the building on the Avenue of the Heavenly Hundred, 10/10 on the territory of monastery.On arrival the first fire and rescue units at 19:00 it was found that there was a fire of open flame one-story wooden barrack-like buildings on the area of roughly 500 square meters”, – stated in the message on the official website of gschs on Sunday evening.

By extinguishing the fire were involved in 11 units of firefighting and rescue equipment and 41 personnel.

“At 19:44 the fire is localized on an area of 500 m2 and 20:07 the fire was extinguished. Victims and victims aren’t present”, – noted in gschs.