In the Zaporozhye area about 80 people, including pensioners, as well as alcohol and drug addicts persons were forcefully kept in illegal rehab, they used psychological and physical effects, according to the division of communications of the National police of Zaporozhye region.

According to the press service, on may 22, the staff of Management of fight against crimes connected with human trafficking, detectives of the Investigation Department of regional Department of the national police and other law enforcement agencies exposed the illegal activities of the rehabilitation center. Law enforcement officers conducted a series of simultaneous raids in a rented private houses, located in the Zaporozhye district of Zaporozhye region, where it is illegal and against the will held about 80 people of different ages.

The investigation established that the center was not a medical institution, the people therein, has not received proper medical supervision and treatment, and were in unsanitary conditions and without adequate nutrition. “Each house was enclosed by a large fence, equipped with alarm, window grilles, door keys were only the guards. People who “rehabilitation” had no right to leave the territory. For any misconduct by him were applied measures of physical and psychological impact, police said.

According to the investigation, in most cases, the initiators of “treatment” became relatives of the detained citizens. For the maintenance of a close person, they are monthly transferred on Bank cards of the organizers of the “center” 8 thousand UAH. The fees for the maintenance of the elderly was higher – 10-12 thousand UAH/month.

Of involvement in the crime suspected, the woman born in 1983, and two men of 1987 and 1985 At the moment they are detained. Open criminal proceedings on signs of part 3 of article 146 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (illegal imprisonment or kidnapping). The investigation is continuing.