Photo: SSES

A truck caught fire in Odessa, as a result nobody has suffered.

Yesterday, on March 11 at 20:22 in Service of rescue “101” received a message that in Odessa in Primorsky district in the alley the Bathroom there was a fire truck. To place the call at 20:34 profit fire-rescue teams, reports the press-service GU of Goschs of Ukraine in Odessa region.

The fire at 20:38 was localized at 20:42 completely eliminated.

As a result of a fire fire damaged the engine compartment and the cabin of the truck “MAZ” on a total area of 5 sq.

The cause of the fire is established.

To eliminate fire from the seaside police Department were involved in 1 unit of fire fighting equipment and 3 personnel from the Kiev regional Department – 1 unit equipment and 5 rescuers .