In Odessa detection of an unauthorized garbage dump with an area of about 15 hectares.

In Odessa detection of an unauthorized garbage dump with an area of about 15 hectares.

Today on the scene, took leave of the members of the media initiated by the State ecological inspection in Odessa region.

The landfill is located on the so-called fields of irrigation (filtration) in the Suvorovsky district of Odessa. Unauthorized landfill is fenced with gates, established checkpoints on the territory excavate.

As explained by the head of the regional environmental Inspectorate Alexander Stavniychuk, in the fields of irrigation, illegally organized 3-4 landfills, the extent of which is difficult without detailed study.

“It’s squatting territory. Approximately 15 hectares, which staged three to four dumps. Today, recorded “black accounting”. Carefully mark the machines that go and stop…”, – told Stavniychuk .

He stressed that this is a problem of catastrophic magnitude. According to Stavniychuk daily at the dump to unload about 300-500 trucks with debris. It dumped municipal solid waste, construction waste, and the land which remains after excavation. It sprinkled waste, which led to a “layered” unauthorized landfill.

According to some, for the relief of the cubic meter of debris on the field take 15 UAH, which is much cheaper than on legal grounds.

According to Stavniychuk, near the landfill are residential houses, Hadzhibeevsky estuary.

“Poisoned, poisonous substances get into the ground water. It’s just a disaster,” said Stavniychuk.

The scene today was caused by the investigative team of the National police. Militiamen took an explanation from those on the dump people. Stavniychuk noted that the inspection specialists now collect materials for transfer to relevant bodies, including the Prosecutor’s office.

Environmentalists today also took samples of soil for analysis.

“Connect all the required services, surveying. Will be measured the area of the landfill, set the damage to the environment”, – said the head of the regional Inspectorate.