The state Bureau of investigation arrested two employees of one of the police in Odessa for a bribe in $5 thousand for failure to prosecute, the press service of the GBR.

“RRG… investigators detained the head and of the operative of sector of criminal police of one of the police departments in Odessa Chief of the national police in the Odessa region for extortion and obtaining illegal benefit. According to preliminary information, militiamen demanded from the citizen $ 5,000. For the money they promised not to bring her husband to trial for the alleged theft of the vehicle”, – stated in the message.

As noted, undue advantage was given to the militiamen through an intermediary – a former police officer. Investigators police officers detained in order St. 208 Criminal procedure code of Ukraine, after receiving the second part of illegal benefit in the amount of $3 thousand

Currently solves a question on a message to the detainees about suspicion and election concerning them a preventive measure.

The event qualified as the receiving officer improper benefits (part 3 St. 368 Criminal code of Ukraine).