May 2, 2014 during the riots killed 48 people


Photo: Duma

In Odessa honored memory of those killed in the tragedy on 2 may 2014, when during the riots 48 people died and another 200 were injured.

Most died in the House of trade unions during the fire. The standoff began after Alexander Avenue gathered a group of armed militants who stopped the March “For United Ukraine”, reports

A fight broke out, spread to the neighboring streets. Eyewitnesses claim that the first victim from among Pro-Ukrainian protesters died from bullet wounds inflicted by automatic weapons. On Preobrazhenskaya street, where he died, after a few minutes to lay flowers. Both sides are actively erected barricades of dumpsters and fences, threw opponents with paving stones, Molotov cocktails.

While the separatists were shooting at the Odessa from the automatic weapon under the guise of the police cordon .

After that epicenter of events moved to Kulikovo field, where was erected a tent camp of anti-Maidan. Supporters of separatists took refuge in the House of trade unions, from the roof periodically flew Molotov cocktails and fired from a firearm. After that the building started the fire.

Fire truck, according to eyewitnesses, arrived in half an hour. Pro-Ukrainian activists who all this time remained outside, tried to help get barricaded inside.

A few days arrested the main defendants of extremist organizations, as well as several police officers. The mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov declared may 2 as the day of remembrance of the victims of the tragic events on may 2, 2014. In this regard, the city should limit the use of music and entertainment.