Sun, 30 APR 2017


Photo: facebook.com

Test work has already been carried out.

The complex, consisting of a drone and a system, which in the online mode allows you to record, digitize and recognize the person who will work on stock in Odessa on 2 and 10 may.

As reported on his page in Facebook adviser to the head of the Main Directorate of the National police in Odessa region Ruslan Forostyak, testing of the complex was already held on Sunday.

“Today on Kulikovo field in Odessa gathered around 25-30 people from among the visitors, to walk there almost every Sunday. On that occasion, there came a group with a special new set which have been provided to us from Kiev in may. This modern complex provides the possibility of using unmanned drone to fly around the scene and digitize each and every face, to register and establish your online identity,” wrote R. Forostyak .

He added that during the test of the complex establishment of the persons in the place of people, including present employees of the OSCE lasted only a few minutes. “We are delighted with the result… assigned to complex, high hopes”, – concluded R. Forostyak.