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News of Ukraine: In Odessa on the beach man from the pier to be blown away, to save him failed, the body was not yet found.

In Odessa on the beach at the 10th station of the Fountain as a wave from the pier washed away man. This was stated by the eyewitness of incident Vladimir man reports “Duma”.

For help in distress vacationer rushed rescuers, but due to a heavy storm to help him failed. The man’s body has not been found yet. Arrived at the scene the police.

“For the second day windy, stormy shores, and marinas filled with waves. On the beach with a dozen boys collecting the money for the couch, and no one standing at the pier and the curious village from prohibiting to walk on the pier during a storm. There are no ads on the ban. I was standing at the pier and drove everyone to walk around the pier, families with young children. Two hours. Went home . My watch took a couple of old ladies, and the administration of the beach all to the bulb. They are important — the profit”, — commented on the incident by the eyewitness.

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Earlier in Kiev because of the heavy rain collapsed part of the bridge.