Fire and smoke appeared in the ruined monument of architecture of national value the House of Russow in the center of Odessa.

As the correspondent of “Interfax-Ukraine”, currently to the building, the rescue team arrived and started the fire.

In total, fire elimination involved 8 fire brigades.

Information on victims yet.

The press service of the Main Department of civil service on emergency situations in Odessa region is currently unavailable for comment.

As reported, several large fires occurred in the house of Russow in 2009. Then the fire destroyed the roof, ceiling and even part of the wall. After the house fire to happen once every six months.

The house of Russow was built in 1897 and a major employer, philanthropist and art collector Alexander Russow. Architects – W. Schmidt and Leonid Chernigov. In 1908, after the death of A. Russow, the house was bought by the chemist A. Gajewski . Since the early 19th century the house is its pharmacy, which before the end of the same century was also a pharmaceutical factory, the largest in the region.

Since the late 20th century, the House of Russow is in poor condition, although it has the status of a monument of architecture of national value. Apartments in the building were purchased by a firm who planned to start reconstruction of the building with completion in the yard of another house, and the owners of the pharmacy Gajewski. However, the contractor later abandoned its plans, handing over the building for the reconstruction of another firm, which also did not have funds for restoration work.