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News of Ukraine:Odessa 4 men attacked police and stole a police car, using the grenade.

In a course quickly-search actions malefactors are detained, they seized two grenades.

In Odessa region militiamen detained 4 people, attacked police officers and stole their car, using a grenade RGD-5.

In Kharkov detained the hijackers Soviet Autoshift fully

As reported in the communication Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Odessa region, the incident occurred on the outskirts of the village Tsebrykove Velikomikhaylovsky region. It is noted that today, August 10, at 5:30, the police received a message from employees of regional management of protection of economy of Ukraine of Ukraine about the fact that when they carried out operational activities to counter the smuggling movement of goods, they were attacked by four unknown persons, who took possession of the official car .

“It is established that on this night, four attackers aged 23 to 25 years on the street started hitting on two girls who, during a verbal altercation went on the road, which at that time was driving the official car of police officers. The girls stopped by police and asked for help”, – told in the Chapter.

The police made a remark to the young men. The latter came into conflict with police officers, and one of the attackers pulled out a grenade RGD-5 and threw it into the cabin of the utility vehicle. For security purposes, employees of Department of protection of the economy left the police car and took the girls to a safe distance. This advantage of the attackers, got in the car and fled in an unknown direction.

Police officers introduced a plan “Interception”. In a course quickly-search actions malefactors (local residents) were detained. They seized two grenades, a stolen service vehicle is detected. The issue of entering information in the Unified register of pretrial investigation under part 2 of article 348 (Threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body), part 2 St. 263 (Illegal handling of firearms) and article 289 (Illegal acquisition vehicle) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.