Ukraine news: In South, there was a major landslide, resulting in raised sea bottom.

In the Odessa region in the southern resort town there was a large landslide and raised the sea bottom, which has caused mortality of coastal flora and fauna of the Black sea.

“The cataclysm happened in the area of plodopitomnik, between the city and the port about 10:00. He touched the underwater part of the slope that led to the formation in the coastal area of so-called shaft extruding — where was the three-meter depth, exposing the sea floor with a length of almost 150 meters. Killed many fish and other animals”, — stated in the message.

It is noted that the landslide occurred on the evening of Saturday, 7 July. The road to the place sank by about 1.5 meters, thus blocking the way up, for tourists from Lviv region.

50 metres from the shore rose the seabed . The details of the incident in social networks shared by eyewitnesses.


“The place where I spent shooting, is about 10 kilometers from South. All visible signs of a landslide. Spit formed a strip of land between the water and the beach, with a length of approximately 100-150 meters. On the surface of the hair was still wet, red and white clay, and undulating sand. Where-or-where the dead are shrimp, gobies and crabs. According to our professional assessment, here the bottom of the sea rose 3 metres above the water surface. Some unknown power lifted from the earth clay and sand. Throughout the length of the cracks”, — wrote in Facebook the journalist of the local newspaper, she Golovenko.

In the Odessa area burned wheat field

According to her, the abyss was formed in the middle of the road. Travelers received help from local residents, who helped them to get out with a separated plot of land.