In Odessa rescuers conducted exercises before the opening of the holiday season




The Odessa rescuers carried out on the basis of the Rescue diving service of training, during which he practiced the methods of rescue of tourists on the water and providing first aid.

The state of training rescue posts to the opening of the holiday season inspected by the mayor of Odessa Gennady Truhanov and Vice-mayor Andrei Kotlyar, reports a press-service of the Odessa city Council.

“To eliminate deaths at sea, had a pretty intense preparation for the season-2017. In particular, a 92 rescuers on the program “rescue swimmer” purchased 8 personal watercraft, there are also 6 boats, providing a quick response of rescuers. Equipped with 3 stations relevant property is uniform, circles, kits, radios, binoculars,” – said acting Director of the municipal institution “Rescue diving service of the Odessa city совета2 Alexey Trofimchuk .

According to him, rescuers surveyed and cleared the seabed along the coast of Odessa. Dangerous items brought by waves during winter storms, has been removed as communal and rented beaches.

At the same time, the utility stated that not all tenants beaches yet issued special passports, which certify the safety of the sea.

It is worth noting that, according to the office of Demirtzoglou, sea water near the beach “Luzanovka”, Lanzheron, Otrada”, “Dolphin”, “Arcadia”, “the Seagull”, “Resort” and “Gold coast” meets all sanitary standards. Although the temperature of the water, according to the hydrometeorological centre of Black and Azov seas, is only 16°.