In the center of Odessa stole a sculpture of a cat gamer




Ukraine news: Unknown persons stole a sculpture of a cat-the gamer in the center of Odessa 18 days after its installation.

Unknown stole a sculpture of a cat playing on the tablet, installed in Mayakovsky pereulok in the center of Odessa in the framework of the project “200 sculptures in Odessa cats.”

The theft was reported on his page on Facebook Director and founder of one of the Ukrainian online stores Sergei Rudyuk, whose company financed the installation of the sculpture.

“A few weeks ago, in honor of the birthday of our store, we have the team gave the city a monument to Our Cat, in the framework of the project “200 sculptures in Odessa Cats.” Today it falsely stolen at 4 am, July 22, without a Declaration of war,” he wrote, posting a video of the theft.

C. Kuduk also stressed that the sculpture was made of gypsum and covered with plastic and paint . Its value will be zero for stole.

Also on behalf of the shop C. Kuduk promised to return the statue to place at his own expense and to make the design more reliable.

This is the second theft of these sculptures in Odessa for the last time.

Prior to that, the sill of the building, where there is world Odessit club, stole the sculpture of Maurice the cat, sleeping portfolio of satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky.

The project “200 sculptures Odessa cats” initiated and implemented on the platform of “Good cause Odessa”. Its purpose is to create and installation throughout the city of sculptures and installations with cats all over Odessa. Over time, the project plans to create a tourist map “Odessa cats.”