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News of Ukraine: During the arrest the attackers seized police uniforms, edged weapons.

In Odessa sentenced members of an organized criminal group, who tried to commit robbery on cash-in carrying 5 million UAH.

As reported a press-the Secretary of the military Prosecutor of the southern region of Ukraine Yana Stekacheva, 22 Jun Seaside regional court of Odessa pronounced the verdict against a group of persons in committing several serious crimes, including organised criminal group.

In particular, four people were found guilty in the preparation of the composition of the OPG in November of 2015, assault on employees of one of the companies from Odessa to Kiev was carrying about 5 million UAH.

As explained Stekacheva, the defendants charged with violating part 1 article 14 and part 4 of Art. 187 of the Criminal code (“preparation for a crime”, “robbery”) .

In addition, the court found, ctodo of the accused in 2015, according to preliminary arrangement by group of persons C the passport of the citizen of Ukraine. That is, they committed a criminal offense under part 3 St. 358 (“forgery, seals, stamps and forms, sale or use of forged documents, seals, stamps”) criminal code of Ukraine. Also one of them at the place of residence illegally kept for the purpose of sale of drugs in large sizes.

“A court conviction of the robbers on the totality of their crimes was sentenced to the sentence of 4 years 4 months of imprisonment with confiscation of property,” said Stekacheva.

In another, the fifth member of the gang court ruling materials are allocated in separate manufacture, the trial continues.

In November 2015, the SBU said that in conjunction with the military Prosecutor’s office arrested members of a criminal gang that tried to Rob the car of one of the enterprises of Odessa. The car drove to Kiev a large sum of money in foreign currency and accounting records. They planned to stop the car, leaving the windshield light bulbs and Christmas decorations filled with paint.

Then it was noted that the criminal group was part of the acting employee of the Department of migration service in Odessa region and the former employee of militia.

During the arrest the attackers seized police uniforms, edged weapons, gas and traumatic guns, means of communication. For movement, they used two cars, one of which was with the fake numbers.