On Saturday, April 29, in Odessa took place the joint meeting of heads of law enforcement agencies dedicated to the strengthening of security measures for the period of may holidays.

The meeting discussed coordination of actions of the police with the security Service of Ukraine, Prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies, reports “Russian conversation”.

In the end, it was decided to move the police from 1 to 9 may to the strengthened mode of service. In addition, on may 2, the anniversary of the tragic events at the House of trade unions, traffic will be restricted near the Cathedral square and Kulikovo field.

Law enforcement agencies urge residents and visitors of Odessa to remain calm, noting that the security forces able to ensure their safety .

Earlier it became known that at the disposal of command of naval forces of Ukraine is the order to use force in case of destabilization of the situation in the city, in particular, to use weapons if there is a danger to military facilities and personnel.

Yesterday in Odessa pulled together a large number of armored vehicles arrived security forces from other regions of Ukraine.