Odessa car crashed into a bus stop, the result was injured a pedestrian.

In Odessa, on Prospekt Akademika Glushko, the accident occurred. The driver of a foreign car, leaving from the Parking lot crashed into a bus stop complex and crushed a pedestrian who was inside the bus stop complex. It is reported

In a press-service of the patrol police confirmed this information, noting that we are talking about a stop “Ocean”.

The victim was hospitalized. later it became known that the accident occurred due to the error of the motorist. This was also announced in the press service of the patrol police of Odessa.

“The driver lost control of the car during movement. Signs of intoxication there, but the driver will be delivered to the medical examination,” – said the press service.

Now there are investigators. The victim, according to preliminary data, the broken leg.

Earlier in Kharkov the truck rammed the bus stop.