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News of Ukraine: In Odessa in one of the rooms of mini-hotel discovered the bodies of two Estonian citizens, a third from the Baltic States was hospitalized in serious condition.

In one of the rooms on Genuezskaya street in Odessa identified dead two citizens of Estonia, who arrived on 14 July in the city the Saturday flight. On Monday I reported adviser to the head of the Odessa Central Board of national police Ruslan Forostyak.

“Two Estonian tourists aged 29 and 30 years old found in the room of the dead. However, during their inspection revealed no signs of violent death. A third person from the Baltic States was hospitalized in serious condition. The doctors made the diagnosis “poisoning by drugs”, fighting for his life. The room also found several bottles of alcohol and a small bag of a crystalline white substance,” said Forostyak .

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The police opened criminal proceedings on signs of article 115 (note “accident”) the Criminal code of Ukraine, admitting the possibility of a drug overdose guests.

“However, law enforcement officials are awaiting the results of a series of examinations do not rule out a premeditated murder of the tourists who came from Estonia,” added Forostyak.