In Odessa today the patrol police car got in an accident, there are victims.

As reported in the press service of the patrol police, at about 17.50, the call was received the operator on the line “102” that the fire in the store.

“The patrol car moved with the included light and sound signals. On a regulated intersection at the intersection of Dnepropetrovsk road and Akademika Zabolotnogo collided with a car “Mercedes”. At the moment, make the accident,” – said the press service.

According to eyewitnesses, the car of the patrol police moved in the Suvorovsky district of the city, from Rue Joliot Curie in the direction of the shopping center “Riviera”. At the intersection, he crashed into a car “Mercedes”, which moved on a green signal of the traffic light.

“In the Mercedes were the two girls, they took away “fast”. The police car also crashed into the store “Tabakerka””, – eyewitnesses reported .

Currently being investigated circumstances of the incident.