Police detained two men aged 25 and 36 years, who are suspected militiamen in the Commission of the last night of the arson parked in the yard in the center of Odessa car “Range Rover”.

On Wednesday afternoon, the press service of the Main Directorate of Ukraine in Odessa region reported that the men were detained during carrying out quickly-search actions.

In a press-service of the patrol police of Odessa has informed that at survey of salon of the car of detainees militiamen found the remote control and the subject similar to a radio controlled incendiary device. Although video from the scene of the crime provided by the police, it is clear that the car was set on fire with matches.

“Items were seized and sent to the research center for examination”, – reported in police Patrol of the city, adding that the arrested men are suspected of committing a series of similar crimes in Odessa region.

However, the adviser of the head of state of Ukraine in Odessa region Ruslan Forostyak reported that the detainees are related to the local edition of “Bezpecne Misto” (Rus. “Safe city”).

“Look at the cynicism and audacity with which the criminals commit the arson of the car, and if you currently have one of the detainees was the identity of the employee is known in narrow circles of the media “Bezpecne Misto” and if you remember, recently, colleagues in the “Careless Mistu” Troll Control patrol police in Odessa”, – he wrote.

In turn, the journalist of the edition “Bezpecne Misto” and the eponymous head of the public organization Yuriy In said that the police has pressure on the publication.

“With the advent of the post (head of state of Ukraine in the Odessa region – if) Dmitry Golovin on our print edition began an unprecedented pressure… After failing to agree on me and another of our journalist, filed the case on false charges. Then the EA Golovin on his Facebook page publishes an outright lie: that night, the journalists of the newspaper “Misto Bezpecne” started the fire, and they found the certificate of publication,” wrote Yu In his Facebook page.

He argues that “this statement of a senior police officer has nothing to do with reality” and none of the detainees is not and never was a journalist of the newspaper “Misto Bezpecne.

While In Yu added that the newspaper stated this fact to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Organization “Bezpecne City” and its namesake magazine is engaged in fixing illegal, in their opinion, or the controversial actions of the police of Odessa and the publication of these facts.