On March 22 the head of the military counterintelligence of Ukraine Sergey Levchenko announced the arrest of several persons, whom he described as “a large network of agents of Russian special services”.

According to him, this alleged subversive group directly ruled by Gora, Russian Federation. All its members had Ukrainian passports, allowing them in a certain period of time to stay out of sight of law enforcement officers. Reports about it “Диалог.UA” reports, “Russian conversation”.

It was in charge of these people, as stated Levchenko, a participant in the events on the Kulikovo field in 2014, which drove on the territory of Crimea “to study” in the Russian intelligence center. He added that before his arrest, the group managed to collect a number of secret data, she also allegedly planned to arrange a series of terrorist attacks in the South of Ukraine .

In the detention was attended by members of the SBU and counterintelligence. Levchenko added that the security forces did not allow the detainees to pass secret information to his “superiors.”

Earlier in Donetsk, the staff of the MGB DNI recruited by the SBU detained a woman who was transferred to the Ukrainian security forces information about the location of military units of the self-proclaimed republics.

We will remind, in the Moscow airport, representatives of special services have detained the attacker, who arrived from Istanbul to the capital to the terrorist attack on March 8.