The security service of Ukraine stopped the activities of a group which was engaged in extortion of money from litigants, allegedly promising them assistance in the release from civil or criminal liability.

As reports a press-the SBU center, the scheme was created by four residents of Odessa. Through personal connections they were looking for citizens whose cases were pending in the courts. For various sums of money, the attackers offered them the assistance of the alleged positive decision of questions in the judiciary, in particular concerning the avoidance of administrative or criminal liability. While the actual impact on the adoption of relevant court decisions the group had.

Funds the victims had to transfer to a Bank card. Contacts with “clients” attackers remotely.

All was documented in ten cases. During the searches at the place of residence of the defendants in the Odessa and Zaporozhye region law enforcement authorities found more than 100 SIM-cards, credit and debit Bank cards, terminals, mobile phones, computing equipment with evidence of illegal actions.

At the moment the issue of the report of suspected members of the group under part 4 of article 190 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.