Odessa medical University



Photo: from open sources

Ukraine news: Yesterday, the protection of the University and acting rector Yuri Bazhora not allowed K. Ahmedova office and even the building of the University.

In Odessa for the third day of the ongoing conflict over the right of management of the Odessa national medical University.

On Friday appointed by the Ministry of health of Ukraine, acting rector of the Konstantin Aimedov got to the office the head of the institution with the people’s Deputy Sergey Melnichuk.

The new rector of the Odessa medical University blocked the entrance to work

The essence of the conflict – the status of Valery Zaporozhan, who led the University for the last decades: according to the Ministry of health, V. Zaporozhan dismissed, however, his supporters claim that at the time of dismissal V. Zaporozhan was on sick leave, therefore the dismissal is illegal .

The website of the local newspaper “Duma” referring to lawyer V. Zaporozhan Catherine Karmazin reported that V. Zaporozhan also appealed against his dismissal in the Pechersk district court of Kyiv.

The police has not yet commented on what is happening.