In the Razdelnyansky nutrition unit of the Central regional hospital Odessa region the man grenade blew up, the explosion killed the bomber and a woman was reported in the Department of communication of the police of Odessa region.

“As a result of a grenade explosion killed two people. The event qualified under article 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, – said in a statement on the Ministry website on Tuesday evening.

Law enforcement officers previously it is established that 44-year-old employee of the nutrition unit of the hospital, came roommate, 1965, which probably brought with them explosives.

“The woman was alone in a separate building. After the man closed the door, explosion was distributed. At the scene immediately came investigative team of the territorial police Department. As through the window was clear checks from two grenades, and the explosion was the one to enter the room was extremely dangerous. Therefore, the police cordoned off the building, took people to a safe distance, and waited the arrival of the bomb squad,” added the police.

Specialists of explosive service obezvredit a grenade RGD-5, which was powered, but did not explode. Inspection has shown that the exploded grenade f-1, resulting in a man and 44-year-old woman died. Other there were no injuries.

The scene continues to work with the police. What happened kvalifitsirovani under article 115 of UK (Premeditated murder).