Counterterrorist operation started in the village, located in the Khunzakh district of Dagestan. According to preliminary information, the security forces found out that on the territory of the locality there are dangerous terrorists.

As reported
“Russian conversation”, WHO started at 03:30 Moscow time.
It is known that the CTO regime was introduced on the territory of the village the gates,
in Khunzakh district of Dagestan.

managed to establish that on the territory of the village are hiding threat
terrorists. Also a search for their accomplices who helped them hide from
security forces in the territory of the village.

Note that earlier
on the territory of the Buynaksk district of Dagestan special forces during a battle with terrorists were able to eliminate the ringleader of the “Kadar” gang and 3 militants who were with him .

The dialogue” already wrote that later, during the inspection of the house where I was hiding
the extremists had found a powerful improvised explosive device. He was ready
to use, however, none of the security forces was injured.