Shootout at the border in Kashmir led to the deaths of three Pakistani and five Indian troops, said on Thursday the representative of the Pakistan armed forces, major General Asif ghafoor.

“Three Pakistani soldiers were killed for the faith, the Pakistani army has taken effective action in response. Five Indian soldiers were killed, many were injured, were damaged building”, the message reads one tweet.

He added that periodically, the militaries of both countries continue to fire on each other.

While ghafoor said that the Indian military in recent years have increasingly opened fire on the line of control between the two countries.

In turn, the military of India denied information about the death of five Indian soldiers in a shootout.

In August relations between India and Pakistan escalated after the leaders of India abolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and imposed on this territory the direct control of Delhi.

The Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir is located in Kashmir, this territory, inhabited by a Muslim majority, divided between India and Pakistan. Since independence, the two countries in 1947, a settlement in the area remains a major problem in their relationship.