Photo: Getty Images In Palmyra seriously wounded the General of the Russian Federation

This is the first General of Russia, who was wounded in Syria. He lost both legs and eyes.

Russian major-General Peter Melugin were seriously injured in the battle for the Syrian Palmyra, after which he was taken to a Moscow military hospital named after Burdenko.

This writes Fontanka, citing a source in the hospital.

It is reported that major-General Peter Melugin about a week ago in a mine explosion, losing both legs and eyes. On the ground he received first aid, but after the deterioration of his was moved to Moscow.

“We have him. More to say we have no right”, – said the publication in the hospital.

According to the newspaper, Melugin was responsible for the development of combat operations and controlled their implementation.

Yesterday, the Syrian army took Palmyra . The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation stated that the city took with the support of Russian aviation.