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In Paris, French police carried out the evacuation of people and cordoned off the area in front of the Louvre, where it was scheduled to meet supporters of the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel Makron and was located his campaign headquarters. It is reported by The Associated Press.

“In the courtyard of the Louvre, where he planned to be a candidate Makron held evacuation of people after a signal from the security services,” – said in the message.

The report notes that the evacuation caused by a security threat. At the headquarters of Macron, said that journalists in the area were evacuated because of a suspicious bag. Already checked — the threat of explosion there.

Later, the Agency reported that the area was opened after scrutiny of its territory.

The scene in the square before the Louvre was established the night before, and this morning started to run journalists . To the public the venue will open at 19:00 and the candidate will arrive there after the announcement of the first voting results.

The second round of presidential elections held in France under reinforced security measures. While voter turnout is not too high — the turnout by 12:00 amounted to 28.23%.

As you know, in the second round for the presidency of France will face independent candidate, centrist Emmanuel macron and a representative of the far-right marine Le Pen.

Liberal Makron in the last days of the campaign strengthened its popularity due to the convincing performances in the televised debate with Le Pen, which, according to observers, looked very uncertain, says DW. But on the night of may 6 as a result of a hacker attack, the network got the dirt on Him – the correspondence of his campaign staff. It is unclear whether it will affect the outcome of Sunday’s vote.

Concerning pre-election programmes of the contenders worth noting the following points.

Former economy Minister macron is in favour of further liberalizing the economy and investment in the education system. He hopes to form a new centrist majority. 48-year-old marine Le Pen promises to replace the Euro a parallel currency to convert the EU into an Alliance of sovereign States or completely out of it, to protect the rights of workers and to restrict immigration.

Because of the time difference, the vote in the French overseas territories began the day before. The first preliminary results of the presidential election will be known immediately after polls closed.

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