Photo: In Peru during the landing the plane caught fire

Injured 26 people.

Passenger plane Boeing 737-300 of airlines Peruvian Airlines caught fire during landing at the airport of the Peruvian town of Jauja, reports La Republica.

Injured at least 26 people, including a child. One passenger was hospitalized.

Just the plane were 141 passengers. When he landed, all the people evacuated.

Avión de peruvian airlines en #jauja esto pasa #UltimoMomento @ChinitaMarisel @JulianaOxenford @aliciaretto

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The Ministry of transport and communications of Peru reported that the landing was forced, with the result that on Board there was a fire. The reasons and circumstances of incident are investigated.

We will remind, on March 20 in South Sudan crashed passenger plane with 44 passengers on Board.