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SAINT PETERSBURG, 19 JUNE 2017/Consulate General of Sweden/. St. Petersburg children have the opportunity to learn to read Swedish in the unique library-play space “Here read the children”. This is a joint project of Central city children’s library. Pushkin, the Consulate General of Sweden and the Swedish Institute. “Read here the children are” created in the image and likeness of the children’s library “the Space children” (Rum för Barn), which is located in the cultural center “City theatre” in Stockholm.

According to the author of the project Helena Homer, the concept of this library aims to stimulate in children the desire to read books, play music, write stories and fantasies come to life through creativity . The project also aims to strengthen ties between parents and children: this is not a “children’s room”, where you can leave the child and go about his business, but a place where adults and children can work together to create, to read, talk, play Board games and get to know each other.

In the space of “Here, read children” gathered not only the best history of the Swedish authors, but also masterpieces of children’s literature of other countries, including books in English, German, Swedish, French and Japanese. The location of the books characters and thematic sections helps the child to choose what he is interested. In space there is a cozy “house” with light, to climb and read in, a wide selection of toys and Board games for children of all ages, there is an area to read stories aloud (“the red chair”), tables and materials for creativity.

Space “Here the children read” offers Petersburgers play dates at the best children’s books Sven Nordqvist, Lars Klinting, Gunilla Ingves, Thomas and Yi Wislander, Barbro Lindgren and other Swedish authors. Also offers a variety of workshops, and is not even library. In addition, the space hosts meetings with artists, both Russian and foreign.

On June 28, the library will host a gaming session on the Swedish summer holidays, and in the fall planned course of study the Swedish language for children.

More information about space “Here read the children” can be found in the group of the Children’s library for foreign literature Vkontakte vk.com/det_bibka_in_lit and hashtag #desige and #citeman


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