According to the fgbi “North-West Department of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring”, the whole day will last snowfall, and daily temperature will be only +4…6 degrees Celsius, reports “Russian Dialogue,” citing TASS.

It is worth noting that users of social networks share unique photos of abnormal the may snowfall, which is rare this time of year.

At night, the temperature in Saint-Petersburg and the region will fall to 1 degree Celsius.

The wind blows in a westerly direction at a speed of 9 meters per second, gusts up to 23 meters per second.

The atmospheric pressure corresponds to climatic norm and is 745 mm Hg.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue,” the weatherman told about the heat and the rains with thunderstorms in the Metropolitan area.

Recall, Ural hit black ice and blizzards in some areas possible the establishment of a temporary snow cover.