Photo: Straz Graniczna In Poland detained illegal migrant workers from Ukraine

Five citizens of Ukraine were detained for illegal work in Poland. Now they face deportation and a ban throughout the year to go back to Poland.

Five Ukrainians, who were working without permission, was arrested in the Polish town of Tarnow. On Friday, February 2, according to Polish radio.

Reportedly, the Ukrainians worked in one of the local shopping centres on the installation of trade pavilion. During the inspection it turned out that they have no work permits.

Now the detainees are deported to Ukraine and a year ban to return to Poland.

In the Frontier service noted that for last year there were more than 300 such cases.

“From year to year the number of exposed, detained growing. Very often citizens, often, Ukraine, don’t know the legislative rules, which are working illegally . And our employers, too, can reproach, that they want to hide something from the tax authorities or social insurance Institutions, of which this work is carried out illegally,” – said the Agency.

Earlier, the national Bank of Poland said that the country needs labour force from Ukraine.

Recall from 1 January 2018 Poland introduced paid work permit.