The Committee recalled that the monument is under the protection of the document signed between Russia and Latvia in 1994.

However, the Saeima did not take this into account and voted on June 13 for the demolition of the monument to the Liberators, thus supporting the petition in September 2017 at the portal of public initiatives Manabalss.

“The probable actions aimed at demolition of the monument, will lead to the fact that Latvia violated the agreement, which is fundamental in Latvian-Russian bilateral agreement base. It was signed together with the document on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Latvia. It is difficult to assess the full implications of such a provocative decision of the Latvian Parliament”, – quotes the statement of the Riga Committee of the portal “Russian spring”.

International peacekeeping group urged Russia and NATO to immediately develop a mechanism to launch a common Russian-NATO operations in Latvia for the avoidance of conflict in cities.

Earlier Latvia has adopted a definitive decision on the wearing of the Soviet form.