In addition to the hero of ancient Greek myths, burial remains were found Dejanira his wife and son Alexiares. Scientists were very surprised to see that Hercules lived in III–II centuries BC. Confirmation of this assumption was the results of carbon analysis of the remains of the hero. Photographs of the opening of testified that the skeleton, which reached the size of a 2.5-meter mark through the influence of aggressive substances of organic origin. Thus the hypothesis of the death of the demigod from toxic substances was confirmed. This publication reports the Russian Dialogue.

As you know, Hercules was poisoned by his wife Deianeira’s jealousy. Suspecting infidelity, she soaked the clothes of Hercules in the blood of the centaur ness, and gave to her husband. After a week of terrible agony the hero died.

Besides, the Ukrainian experts during excavations at the mother-mount managed to find a burial of a Scythian civilization. Archaeologists were able to identify weapons of gold and the remains of a soldier and squire. One of the dead was 20-year-old boys, and the second turned about 55 years.

Recall that the first summer month in the Altai region was marked by the identification of burial of creatures with strange ovals on the head. These artifacts were able to locate in the vicinity of Karakol. The age of the finds amounted to 5,000 years.