An explosion at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region occurred due to a confluence of factors stated in the Corporation “Rosatom”.

There stated that the tragedy caused the coincidence, which often happens when testing new technologies.

The accident occurred during a test of the rocket on a sea platform. After the trials, there was a fire rocket fuel with the subsequent detonation.

In “Rosatom” said that after the explosion, several employees were thrown into the sea. The search continued until, while still hoping to find survivors.

In the result of incident killed five employees of “Rosatom”, which was engaged in work connected with the radioisotope power source, which was part of the rocket, and two representatives of the defense Ministry. Injured six people.

The explosion of jet propulsion at the site in the Arkhangelsk region took place on 8 August. Sources told “Interfax” that the incident occurred in Neneckom administrative district. There is a testing ground of the Russian Navy.

After the incident the area of the White sea near the site of the explosion for a month closed for shipping.

The press service of the administration of Severodvinsk reported transient increases in background radiation to two microsieverts per hour (at the allowable of 0.6 microsieverts per hour).

According to the Unified state automated monitoring system of radiation situation on August 10, the radiation situation in Severodvinsk is in the normal range.

In turn, the Chairman of the environmental rights center “Bellona” (St.-Petersburg) Alexander Nikitin has declared “to Interfax” that the explosion of jet propulsion were of local character and the local population should not fear radiation risks.

As explained to “Interfax” Deputy Director of the Institute of nuclear physics and technology MEPhI Georgy Tikhomirov, in such power sources are used “Competizione sources with a small amount of a radioactive isotope,” so the threat of large-scale emission could not be “by definition”.