In Rostov-on-don, a few dozen protesters, representing mainly the Cossack formation, blocked the entrance to the hotel, where opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his team held a meeting with volunteers and opened their headquarters.

As representatives of the Bulk of the team, first the opening of their headquarters in Rostov-on-don, allegedly prevented employees of FSB, and by the end of the event, the hotel, the seat of the opposition leader and his entourage were blocked by Cossacks, according to “Russian conversation”.

At the moment, hotels are still a few dozen Cossacks who behave aggressively. The protesters refused to let the territory of the hotel guests and to release anyone from the building, which still continue to be members of the team Navalny.

According to the press Secretary of Navalny, the Cossacks demand “not to arrange the Maidan” and cordoned off the street near the hotel .

Recall, protests and riots accompanied by almost every Bulk opening of its headquarters outside Moscow. In March, the opposition poured green paint, was several times thrown eggs and even getting into fights with him.